Our trainers

London Friend’s trainers bring a wealth of experience from working both front line and strategically with LGB&T people and organisations. We train in a relaxed and comfortable style with plenty of time for participants to ask questions and exploration of issues you may be unfamiliar with.


We’ll also provide you with a range of additional resources for later reference or self-directed learning, and offer practical ways of applying learning in the workplace beyond the training course itself. We’re also happy to continue to support you following our training.


Monty MMonty Moncrieff – Monty is Chief Executive with London Friend and has over 15 years of experience working with LGB&T communities. Prior to London Friend he led on LGB&T equality for the Department Of Health managing a strategic national programme and working with a wide range of stakeholders, including contributions to the Government’s LGB&T action plans. He has provided training on a wide range of LGB&T issues as well as supported organisations to develop their service provision to LGB&T populations.




Jamie Willis 2Jamie Willis - Jamie is Training and Outreach Manager for Antidote at London Friend. He has been working within the social care sector for over 10 years and has a background working with young people, LGBT populations, mental health, homelessness and more recently before joining the Antidote team, as Accident & Emergency substance misuse counsellor at a busy North West London hospital. He has extensive experience providing training on a wide range of substance misuse and LGBT issues.


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