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Contact us to discuss your drug or alcohol issues on 020 7833 1674 (10am-6pm, Monday to Friday). Ask for one of the Antidote Team.




Cannabis is a drug that causes controversy because it is unclear just how harmful it is. It is highly normalised and many people smoke it without ever having thought about why they, or even if they like it.


The most obvious problem people have with cannabis is that it dampens motivation. Most people lead happier lives when socially engaged, occupied, motivated and moving forward with our lives and working toward our goals.


Many people come to Antidote because they find that smoking cannabis kills their motivation. Others find it ends up distracting them from all the things they'd like to be doing, but don't know how to shift things. A key-worker at Antidote would help you address your goals and motivate you toward achieving them.


People who suffer from depression or mental health disorders can find their condition exacerbated by cannabis, and it can even bring on psychotic episodes. Others can get "twitchy" or paranoid, isolated, inappropriately giggly, or gain weight from the "munchies".


Some research suggests that people who smoke regularly from a young age are prone to developing mental health problems later in life.


If you wish to have a friendly chat with one of our workers about your smoking, please get in touch. You can access a list of our services or contact us to discuss your needs: or call us on 020 7833 1674.

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