Refugees & Asylum Seekers


From April 2017 to July 2018 London Friend worked in partnership with Say It Loud Club to provide social, emotional and educational support to LGBT asylum seekers and refugees. The funding for this work has now ended.


Say It Loud Club will continue to provide support for LGBT asylum seekers and refugees independently of London Friend, and can be contacted via their website here.


London Friend continues to provide weekly conversational English classes as below, and LGBT asylum seekers and refugees are welcome to access other London Friend support – find out more about this here.



Conversational English


Want to improve your spoken English? Our weekly group will help you gain confidence and gain language skills to assist you to participate in other community activities, education, training and work. Groups run every Wednesday 11am – 1 pm at London Friend.




Immigration advice


Please note: the partnership with Say It Loud Club provided social, emotional, and education support to LGBT refugees. We are not able to provide legal advice on immigration. We suggest contacting the UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group for specialist immigration support.



Immigration support letters


There has recently been an increase in the number of requests made to London Friend for immigration support letters. We are not a specialist asylum seekers’ service, and these requests require us to divert time and resources from delivering services. Therefore, we are no longer able to provide letters confirming group attendance.


The Government provides a directory of specialist immigration advisers; some of these may charge for a service, some do not. Please use this directory to find a specialist adviser to support you.






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