Assess your drinking


You can do a quick self-assessment of your drinking using this short questionnaire. It will indicate whether your drinking is within the safer guidelines, or whether it might be creeping up to levels where it may cause harm later in life.


It’s a great opportunity to help keep your drinking in check and take control to prevent longer-term problems, as you can make some simple adjustments to your drinking to reduce the risk later.


This questionnaire is called AUDIT and has two parts – the short AUDIT C, and the full AUDIT. You should start with the AUDIT C. If this results in a ‘positive’ score then go on to complete the full AUDIT. It will only take a few minutes.





A score of 5 or above on AUDIT C is a positive score. It indicates your drinking may be at an increasing or higher risk level. If you have a positive socre you should go on to complete the full AUDIT below.





Add up the scores from your AUDIT C and the full AUDIT. The ranges below will provide more information on your risk level.


  • 0 – 7 is lower risk


  • 8 – 15 indicates increasing risk – you can look at our tips for cutting down to make some adjustments to your drinking to avoid potential future harms to your health


  • 16 – 19 indicates higher risk – you should think about some significant reductions in your drinking as this could pose a risk over time – perhaps drinking fewer days per week and setting a maximum limit. Our tips for cutting down can help but also look at our information on the longer term risks, or seek support to cut down


  • 20 and above indicates possible dependence. Getting support from an alcohol service can help you reduce your drinking and stick to lower levels or stop completely. If you are drinking every day you should seek medical advice before stopping suddenly, as this could be dangerous.



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