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Sober Start is an initiative by London Friend, specifically targeting LGBT people. However we’re not the only ones to encourage an alcohol-free month and several other initiatives have resources, support and information to help you complete a month-long detox and reduce drinking on a long-term basis.



Dry January

Dry January is a campaign from Alcohol Concern, and their website offers lots of advice and support to maintain your alcohol-free month, including the Dry January app.



Dryathlon is an initiative from Cancer Research, which also includes tips and advice on managing an alcohol-free month.


Club Soda

Club Soda encourage people seeking to reduce or stop drinking with a range of support and social events helping people to socialise without alcohol. They are running MOB – their Month Off Booze – which comes with online support and a four-session bootcamp of workshops for those seeking to be alcohol free. We’ll be joining them for a session of their Queers Without Beers nights out in January.


Queers Without Beers


Queers Without Beers offers regular alcohol-free social events for LGBT people and their friends. It's a collaboration with Club Soda and London Friend.



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