Kick off the New Year with a Sober Start


Join us to kick start your year with a January detox and continue with healthier drinking all year long.


Are you ready for a Sober Start for the New Year? Join our Sober Start to cut back on the booze and work off all those excesses of Christmas.


If you’re thinking about those New Year resolutions to drink less, or wanting to kick start a year where you cut down on alcohol overall, Sober Start can help you cut back and keep on top of your drinking throughout the year.



Commit to not drinking for January and raise money to help us provide Antidote, the UK’s only specialist LGBT drug and alcohol service. Or just commit to reducing your drinking throughout the year.


Our tips for cutting down can also help you survive the festive season and get you ready for a healthier January!



Get your friends to sponsor your Sober Start today! Sign up with Just Giving here.



Giving up drinking for a month can bring some great health benefits: you could feel more energised, sleep better, or even lose weight. You’ll save a bit of money and a month long kick-start can help you lower your alcohol consumption throughout the whole year. Even if you don’t manage a whole month a Sober Start can ease you into the new year and help you beat those January blues.


Research indicates that as LGBT people we drink more, and more often, than the public as a whole. Our Sober Start campaign seeks to help people in our LGBT communities keep more control over their drinking and make safer choices about their own health.


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Donate to London Friend and help us provide Antidote, the UK's only specialist LGBT drug and alcohol service.



Sober Start is aimed at social drinkers who are seeking to stop drinking temporarily or on a permanent basis, and those looking to reduce their alcohol use over time. It is not a medically assisted detox programme. If you are alcohol-dependent you should seek medical advice before stopping drinking suddenly.






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