Chemsex & working with LGB&T drug and alcohol users

This course provides an insight into substance misuse within the LGB&T communities. LGB&T people are three times more likely to experience difficulty with drugs or alcohol than the wider population yet drug and alcohol services are often poorly prepared to understand the underlying issues, the different drugs taken, and the contexts in which people use.


Over the past few years we have seen startling increases in problematic use of crystal methamphetamine (including injecting), dependent GHB/GBL use requiring medically supported detoxification, and use in highly sexualised contexts including a high level of risky sexual behaviour, which has become known as 'chemsex'.


What the course covers


  • Key-work training for substance misuse workers
  • Awareness training for counsellors re LGB&T substance use
  • Changing trends in substance use – eg Crystal & GBL/H
  • LGB&T specific substance use, contributing factors, lifestyle and sexual behaviours
  • LGB&T sexual health as impacted by substance use – particularly amongst HIV/HepC adults


Who it’s aimed at


It is ideal for drug workers and drug service managers, A & E staff and those working in housing, mental health, sexual health and other support settings. It is also useful for staff and managers working in LGB&T venues such as pub and clubs.

This course also supports DANOS (Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards)

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