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24th May 2018: Remembering Section 28

19th November 2017: Trans Day of Remembrance 2017

5th September 2017: Conversion therapy deserves a better discussion than through sensationalist TV

14th July 2017: A response to the 2017 Drug Strategy

2nd May 2017: Eurovision - a spotlight on LGBT rights in Ukraine

5th December 2016: Celebrating International Volunteer's Day

23rd June 2016: What the Gay Men's Sex Survey tells us about chemsex

17th March 2016: #CharityIs - an LGBT perspective

19th November 2015: New HIV data and the future of HIV prevention

4th November 2015: Chemsex - a public health concern

3rd September 2015: 56 Dean Street, HIV, and a breach of stigma

5th June 2015: Chemsex in the European Drug Report

13th May 2015: Mental Health Awareness Week - Chemsex

18th December 2014: HIV Prevention Funding Facing Massive Cut

20th November 2014: Trans Day Of Remembrance 2014

10th November 2014: The Rainbow List 2014

1st October 2014: London Friend wins a National Diversity Award

25th July 2014: Official data confirms LGB drug use much higher than heterosexuals

4th June 2014: Volunteers' Week

2nd June 2014: Our Of Your Mind

31st March 2014: The Chemsex Study

22nd November 2013: HIV Testing Week

20th November 2013: Trans Day Of Remembrance 2013

18th November 2013: Section 28 - ten years on

23rd September 2013: Bi Visibility Day

8th August 2013: Russia, LGBT rights and my life in the USSR

23rd July 2013: The Rise of Crystal Meth in London

3rd July 2013: Spousal Veto and Gender Disclosure

25 April 2013: My worlds collide

25th March 2013: Lucy Meadows, Steven Simpson and anti-LGBT opinions

4th February 2013: Equal Marriage Bingo!

February 2013: LGBT History Month

9th January 2013: #Transdocfail

11th December 2012: Equal marriage

5th December 2012: Equality – are we really all in this together?

19th November 2012: International Trans Day of Remembrance 

5th November 2012: Welcome to the Pleasuredrome?


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