G's not addictive.
I can stop anytime
I want. Can't I?

Many people are surprised to find out that G is physically addictive. Often we find this out the hard way, when we are physically dependent, having to dose hourly to avoid difficult and dangerous withdrawals.
People tell us they're starting to miss days at work after or during the times that they are using, so it's not just the health risks that are a concern.
Being dependent means that stopping G without medical supervision puts your health at risk. If you are addicted to G you will need an medically supervised detox.
Because G is classed as an illegal Class C drug, many people are finding it less available, leaving them struggling with sudden and unexpected withdrawal symptoms.
At Antidote we don't tell people what to do, but we do think that the sexiest people are the ones who get informed, take care of their health and make safe choices, so take a look at our tips to stay safer.
If you think you may need emergency advice please click here for information.

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