Are you G-AWARE?

know the risks-be informed-get support

So, how many times do you think you need to collapse on the dancefloor before you know you have a problem with G? The answer? Well, you decide - decisions about your own G use are ultimately up to you, but we believe everybody should know the risks, be informed and when needed get support.

Antidote at London Friend have teamed up with Orange Nation to jointly raise awareness of the harms that G sometimes causes.Many of us know about the dangers of an accidental overdose: going under on a dance-floor (losing consciousness), times in saunas where we can't quite remember everything that's happened, or visits to A&E. G can seem like fun and feel manageable, but it can also be more dangerous than most people realise.

  1. G's not addictive. I can stop anytime I want. Can't I?

  2. Get informed

  3. Dependency: what to watch out for, and how to manage it

  4. Get support


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