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Who is it for?

SWAP is for men 18+ who identify as a Gay, Bi, trans or MSM (men who have sex with men) and feel that their chem use is either already out of control, getting out of control or is having a negative impact on their lives. The programme is aimed at people who are serious about trying to take those steps that will lead to greater control over their use or who would like to become chem free altogether.

What does it involve?

SWAP is an intensive group programme over 4 full weekends (10.30 – 5.00 Saturday & Sunday).
It will take you through a series of workshops which will help you to understand and explore issues such as:

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Sex (inc. sober sex) & Sexuality
  • Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Relationships
  • Boundaries
  • Social/intimacy anxiety
  • Thinking patterns
  • Goal setting, life planning & decision making
  • Relaxation & stress management

There will also be an opportunity to try complimentary therapies such
as acupuncture and mindfulness meditation techniques.

Is this for me?

SWAP is a weekend programme designed to fit around your existing life
commitments whilst allowing an opportunity to break the cycle of weekend

It’s intense and to ensure that you get the most out of the programme we
ask that you fully commit to all 4 weekends and to come every day and on time.
You will need to make time for this in your life and to plan accordingly.

You should already have taken steps to control your use and should be abstinent from chems for at least a month prior to the programme and throughout it. You should keep any alcohol use to within a sensible limit.

If you are serious about addressing your chem use and feel ready to make
that commitment to the programme, and to yourself, then this could be for you.

Referral Criteria

You are welcome to self-refer or we can accept referrals from your
keyworker or other professionals who may be involved in your care.

SWAP is an intensive group programme and may not be suitable for
everybody. You will be invited to come in for assessment where there will be
an opportunity to discuss the programme further.

For further information or if you would like an informal chat about SWAP or
any other Antidote service please call Toni or Simon on 020 7833 1674 or
email antidote@londonfriend.org.uk

Download the SWAP leaflet for clients.

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Antidote helpline:
Contact us to discuss your drug or alcohol issues on
020 7833 1674 (10am-6pm, Monday to Friday).
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