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Antidote helpline:
Contact us to discuss your drug or alcohol issues on 020 7833 1674 (10am-6pm, Monday to Friday). Ask for one of the Antidote Team.


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Substance misuse is more prevalent amongst LGB&T people than in the wider population. Both the context of use and the reasons for it are often different and distinct. The LGB&T community can be a difficult and diverse community to engage with.


We provide high quality tailored training and support to generic drug and alcohol services and staff, sexual health workers and the wider health sector across the country which enables staff to better understand the needs of LGB&T people in relation to substance use. We also work with services to develop their LGB&T competence.


If your organisation, staff or service users need to gain more experience or knowledge of addiction, certain drugs, alcohol and the behaviours associated within the LGB&T community, please get in touch.

Our services include:

  • Training: we offer a range of training from LGB&T Sensitivity/Awareness training for generic health services/charities to key-work training for substance misuse workers and awareness training for counsellors re LGB&T substance use.
  • Advice and briefings: on a number of issues including changing trends in substance use (e.g. Crystal & GHB/GBL), LGB&T specific substance use, contributing factors, lifestyle and sexual behaviours and on how LGB&T sexual health is impacted by substance use, particularly amongst HIV/HepC adults.

If you work at a service or charity that likes to engage your service-users in casual and frank discussions about managing their health or well-being better, particularly around LGB&T lifestyles or substance use, please get in touch. Contact Monty Moncrieff on 0207 833 1674 or email monty@londonfriend.org.uk You can also read about the courses we offer on our training page


Clinical Guidance - Project NEPTUNE


Project NEPTUNE is the Novel Psychoactive UK Network. It has published guidance on the clinical management of acute and chronic harms of club drugs and other novel psychoactive substances for clinical and medical practitioners. This can be accessed here:


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