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The work of London Friend depends entirely on the generosity and goodwill of donors, volunteers and supporters. Without people like you, London Friend wouldn’t be able to provide the services or support we currently offer.


We have been supporting LGB&T people since 1972 making us the oldest LGB&T charity in the UK. We started humbly, providing vital support to gay and lesbian people at a time when social attitudes towards our community were significantly different to today.


We can proudly say that we’ve supported hundreds of thousands of people in our 40 years, and in the last year alone we have grown further bringing in Antidote, the UKs only LGBT drug and alcohol service and expanding to include over 100 volunteers.


LGB&T people across the UK are celebrating the greatest levels of equality we’ve ever seen. But unfortunately many people still face daily struggles because of their sexuality or gender identity. That’s why what we do matters, and why we need your continued support.


You can get involved and help us by:


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