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Getting support around you G use doesn't have to mean giving up your fun, your sex life, or clubbing. In fact, if you feel you might have a problem the earlier you seek support the easier it can be, especially if you're not physically dependent.
Antidote offers a range of support, including one-to-one sessions and complementary therapies that can help you cope with the anxieties you might feel about making changes. You can also come to our relaxed and friendly drop-ins where you can get support from others who have had similar experiences. If you need medical support we have a great partnership with the Club Drug Clinic who can organise detox and any psychological support you might benefit from.
Because Antidote is a service specifically for LGB & T people - and all our staff and volunteers identify as LGB or T themselves - we understand the things you're doing and what can happen when you're using. You can be fully open about your lifestyle, even the times where things might have got out of hand. We won't judge you, and of course, everything you tell us is confidential.
Our support will help you look at your using, and work out what you want to do. Sometimes that might mean giving up G completely, but it can also mean getting a bit more control over the times and situations you use in. We can also help you explore ways to avoid using if you've chosen not to and might find yourself in places where it's being offered. As well as support around the drug we also look at other things that might be going on for you, keeping yourself safer sexually, or finally doing some of those things you've always wanted to but were too busy every weekend!
Taking control of your G use puts you in charge and allows you to make informed and safe choices about your health.
You can access a list of our services or contact us to discuss your needs: or call us on 020 7833 1674.
If you think you may need emergency advice please click here for information.

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