New LGBT Club Drug briefing



London Friend's Chief Executive has contributed to a new LGBT supplement to the NEPTUNE Club Drugs project.


The supplement is part of a wider project which published the UK’s first set of clinical guidance on club drugs and novel psychoactive substances (sometimes called ‘legal highs’) which was published last year, and provides information for clinicians and healthcare staff supporting users of these emerging drugs.



NEPTUNE LGBT Cover croppedThe LGBT supplement was written in response to a specific set of issues around drug use in LGBT populations, particularly those related to chemsex by gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM). It highlights evidence around risk and harm, and provides background information for those supporting LGBT people in drug treatment.


Although most of the available evidence relates to MSM and the report highlights the relative lack of information about drug use by lesbian and bisexual women and trans people.


You can read the LGBT supplement here, and access the full NEPTUNE Clinical Guidance here. London Friend’s own report Out Of Your Mind provides recommendations and toolkits to improve the experience of drug and alcohol treatment for LGBT people.

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