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Yesterday saw some disturbing news as a man was charged with the murder of four men. It’s alleged he contacted the men via gay websites and that their deaths were caused by ‘poisoning’ with the drug GHB. As yet we don’t know any further details about the case, but the story does raise issues of personal safety whilst using online dating sites and apps, as well as with the drug itself, which is commonly used during chemsex.


Following the case we have published personal safety advice for people using online sites and apps to meet dates or sexual partners. You can access this here.


The case also raises issues with G, also known as GHB or GBL, a drug used by hundreds of men we support each year through our Antidote service. Our G Aware pages have more specific advice about the drug, including harm reduction advice. It’s important when using G to be aware of the dose; a small amount too much can cause users to pass out, leaving you vulnerable to assault, and larger doses can be fatal. Make sure you know how much you’re taking, and be aware that drinks may be spiked.


Some basic advice with G includes making sure you know how much you’re taking, and not ‘topping up’ too soon, in case you overdose. Look out for your drink in clubs, and if someone offers you drinks in their home ask them to open the bottle or can in front of you so you can be sure nothing else is added.


G can also be dependence forming if used on a regular basis. It’s easy to stave off a comedown by taking just a little bit more to ‘take the edge off’ but this can be a significant factor in creating the physical dependence that will make your body need more of the drug. If you think you might be dependent contact Antidote or your local drug service before stopping as going ‘cold turkey’ can be extremely dangerous. Support from a drug service can help you bring your use under control with a planned reduction or detox if required.


Our Antidote service offers chemsex advice with support to reduce drug or alcohol use or to stop completely.

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